Making an indie film is a hustle for life.

When Matthew & I met just over a year ago our friendship began with an idea to make a movie. As the friendship grew so did the idea which quickly turned into a want to support and promote musicians and actors alongside the filmmaking process. We understand how difficult it is to navigate through a path in life that you have no choice but to be on; a path to create. It’s a path littered with rejection and resistance. It’s not easy to balance what makes us happy and what pays the bills, we get it, we are living it with you. That’s what motivated us to spend this past year focused on finding you & promoting your work…..and we are so happy that we did.

What you are seeing with one of our 4 actor selections, and our very first showcased face to face audition from Ashli de Reus, is her first audition…..EVER. This seemed like the perfect way to start the next phase of our project because finding unheard voices is what this is all about for us. Along with Ashli, we have also selected Brandon McKnight, Jamie Elizabeth Sampson, and Dave Walpole.


As mentioned in our main page update video, because we have been so inspired by your work & music, we have decided to make this movie by leaning on the process as much as possible. While Matthew is in Russia filming all summer we will be gradually uploading all of your auditions to our site so we can continue to promote your incredible work while the casting puzzle continues to come together and we move into the next steps of making Straight Kill a reality.

Congrats to everyone, and thank you for the hustle……but it has just begun.