Q: The synopsis mentions 2 male characters; are you also looking for female auditions?

A: Yes. Don’t get caught up wondering if the monologue is for a male or female. Just make your work believable. We are looking for both male and female actors.

 Q: When is the submission cut off?

We will be taking audition and music submissions until December 31st but the idea is to show us a combination of great work AND an ability to connect with an audience. The longer your work is available for people to discuss via #StraightKillAuditions & #StraightKillMusic, the better your chances of showing us that you are connecting with an audience. This will also give you a longer opportunity to perhaps have your work showcased on our site and via our social media.

 Q: How do I get my submission profiled on www.straighkillfilms.com?

A: New submissions will be profiled on our site every week as selected by the SK team but we will also showcase submissions that are the most talked about. We will be monitoring social media so make sure you are spreading the word, and when you tweet make sure you use #StraightKillAuditions & #StraightKillMusic. We will also profile one submission each week via a dedicated blog post as picked by the SK team.

 Q: Will casting be decided by online voting or will you be picking people for the roles?

A: This is not an online voting process. We want to see a discussion. We are looking for great work and also for the work that best connects with the public. We will monitor the conversation via #StraightKillAuditions & #StraightKillMusic to see how each submission may or may not be resonating with people and take that into consideration as we move forward with casting. For that reason it’s important to get submissions in ASAP so people have time to find your work, discuss, and share.

 Q: I don’t want my audition profiled on your site or made public. Can I still be considered?

We cannot accept any audition links unless submitted via our submission form and made public with embedding enabled on your YouTube page. This is the only way we can promote your work and see how the public connects with you. If you wish to forgo that opportunity and still want to be considered you must house (embed) your audition on your own site and email that website’s URL to info@straightkillfilms.com. We will not accept any audition links unless it comes through our submission form. We will try our best to review and will be in touch if interested but will be giving priority to our online casting process at this time.

Q: Do I have to submit music via Soundcloud?

A: Soundcloud is our preferred method of receiving your music submission. However, if you choose to submit via another format it MUST have embedding functions and MUST have embedding enabled. If you submit a music page with several songs we will pick the first song to review.

Q: How do I enable the embedding of submission audition link?

A: Here is a YouTube tutorial that can help you: http://youtube.com/watch?v=4EhWKGXnkjw

Q: Is this a union shoot?

A: We are attempting to make this an ACTRA shoot.

 Q: When does filming begin?

A: Filming is tentatively set for June of 2015.